This Place

... is available largely due to the kindness and generosity of many who have travelled here before.

Would you like to visit us or be involved in  a project?

Future Projects

  1. -Barn completion

  2. -Land Slip regeneration

  3. -Food gardens

  4. -tree planting

  5. -Plant Nursery

  6. -solar/wind technologies

  7. -Music studio

  8. -Workshop facilities

  9. -Mountain retreat shelters

Current Projects

Barn completion

Kitchen redesign

Caravan revamp


In the beginning

This land was purchased in 1995 as a nature based haven, where structures would be experimental, simple creations in order that one might experience being close to the elements, for the restoration, wellbeing and celebration of the Spirit.

This might take the form of private retreats, small workshops, gatherings of friends for special celebrations.

The intention is to provide an atmosphere of rustic and rugged beauty in the heart of nature, enabling us to be closer and ‘present’ to our inner and creative nature.

Since 1995 careful sculpting of roads, culverts, water works, small sites, tipis, yurts, solar shower stations, compost toilets, flexible kitchens have all gradually appeared enabling individuals or small groups to come and enjoy the numerous experiences available amidst one of NZ’s most beautiful nature, coastal conservation areas, Pakiri Beach.

Maungatua Pakiri    506 Rahuikiri Rd,  Pakiri Beach.